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Montestone has been devoting ourselves to business concerning environmental planning, architectural design, landscape design as well as interior design. Based on the design consideration of human and environment. Friendly ideas to human and environment are put into practice in proper manner. Our professional teams are composed of the principle architects and design associates respectively to execute various design projects, and the assigned project managers coordinate among clients and sub-contractors to ensure projects make progress in due course.




Montestone has been Grade A General Construction Business and responsible for the accurate integration of operations involving architectural constructions, landscape engineering and interior renovations. Our engineering team insists on high-level construction quality which based on aesthetic & craftsmanship thought. It is our ambition to develop innovative engineering methods to turn infeasible design concepts into actual architectural entities.





Montestone has devoted itself to the domain of spatial development based on the vision of humanistic consideration. It may be identified as the most significant step for supply chain integration of spatial industry. Based on the experience and thoughts accumulated during the implementation of the design and construction projects, it is our doctrine to enhance the overall spatial quality. With an all-round architectural service team that is build up by functions of product research & development, system integration, as well as warranty & customer service, we anticipate to provide a reliable, innovative and amenity residence based on our belief in client foremost.

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